Importing a project across PeopleTools versions

While I was gone on vacation, all of my development environments were upgraded to PeopleTools 8.50 (up from PT 8.48). Considering the sheer number of environments we run, we follow an intense migration strategy. As luck would have it, one of my projects fell through the cracks, and was not to be found in DEV.  It was a dreadful thought to recreate all the objects again. I knew that I had, earlier, migrated the same project to our TEST environment as well.  Normally, as PeopleSoft experts know too well, projects cannot be imported across tools versions. Yet, I decided to try my luck (or the lack of it).

Here’s what I did

  1. Export the project to file from TEST enironment
  2. Edit the “.ini” file
  3. Import the project into DEV environment.

…And it worked. The project was successfully imported in DEV.

The trick is in the INI file. When you export a project from Application Designer, two files are created – An XML file and an INI file. The XML file is massive and  contains definitions of all the objects in your project. The INI file is the control file, that contains data about the project. One such piece of information is the PeopleTools version.

The INI file out of TEST read 8.48.xx for tools version. I edited that to “8.50.11” which is the tools version of our current DEV.

Disclaimer: It may not work at all times, but its a good restore option to hold in your armory.