Changing User Interface modes in Openbravo 3.0

OpenbravoERP 3.0 has brought a radical change to its User interface in its latest release 3.0. But like ardent developers I felt the 2.50 User Interface to be more suited for rapid development and I like the 2.50-3.0 Compatibility User interface for regular working. The buttons and the overall setup was pretty cool in it. Just when I thought there was no way to switch back, I came across this wiki link

Though by default the users are provided with the 3.0 user interface, they have the option of reverting to the 2.50 User Interface mode or the 2.50-3.0 compatibility mode.I will present a simple screen shot of each mode and discuss its pro’s and con’s.

2.50 User Interface Mode:

2.50 User Interface Mode

2.50 User Interface Mode

Type the Url like this in your browser to switch to the Classic User interface.



  • Clean User Interface.
  • Classic left side menus


  • Limited space for actual content
  • Design pretty old
  • Not much suitable for fast editing

2.50-3.0 Compatibility mode:


2.50-3.0 Compatibility Mode

2.50-3.0 Compatibility Mode


  • Web based look
  • Clean UI, more space for actual content
  • Widgets for integrating other web services


  • Not suitable for fast editing
  • Menu structures are difficult to fathom for 2.50 users.

3.0 latest User Interface:


3.0 RC4 latest User interface

3.0 RC4 latest User interface


  • Edit in grid.
  • View child simultaneously.
  • Data operations like excel, formulae, adding runtime columns
  • User configurable widgets for Ob data.


  • Buttons on top are little unclear at times when they have to be done in a sequence
  • The buttons errors out many times when tried in form mode. Works properly in grid mode.
  • The form alignment is still messy when there are more fields with display logics involved(compared to the other 2 versions)
  • Not Developer friendly  (I did not find the field sequence tab at all, at times edit in grid did not save, when i tried deleting multiple values it shows success, but records are not deleted)

Having said all this, I think the 3.0 is the future and I am sure they will clear the bugs and make it the preferred UI for many like me.And with more and more User Interface enhancements, I think working with Openbravo would be more like gaming than working..:)

Happy Working…

About Shankar Balachandran
Technical Manager, Openbravo operations, Kailao Consulting Private Limited

7 Responses to Changing User Interface modes in Openbravo 3.0

  1. Virag Desai says:

    Hi Shankar,

    Thanks for the very useful information. Been trying to make sure that this is only a UI change between 2.5 and 3.0. As there was some confusion. Some other posts are very very useful too.

    Thanks a tons for such wonderful site 🙂

    Virag Desai

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