PeopleSoft PIA pages have a pink background

Whenever any page is opened in PIA, the pages are displayed with a  pink background shown below.

This started happening right after a tools upgrade and I found that the issue is related to the webprofile configuration.
Steps to solve this issue:

1)Check with the webprofile domain in which we have configured our current setting.

2)Go to Peopletools »» Web-profile »» Web Profile Configuration
open the domain in the webprofile configuration and select debugging tab
clear out the following options
a)Trace Monitoring Server
b)Trace PPM Agent
c)Show Trace Link at Signon
d)Show Layout
e)Create File from PIA HTML Page

3)Check with the default style sheet in PeopleTools option :

PeopleTools »» utilities »» Administration »» People Tools Option
4)Check with the default style sheet in System Option.

PeopleTools »»Portal»» Portal Utilities »»System Option
DEFAULT style sheet name —(EOPP_SCSTYLEDEF)

5) shutdown the Appserver and Webserver.

6)After finishing these step clear the cache area in application server as well as in the Web server in order for the  new settings to take effect

Webserver cache area in PeopleTools is present in

7)Reboot the Appserver and Webserver

Now check with the pages in PIA.

I am working as an Associate DBA in fugo consulting.

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