PS_APP_HOME introduced in PeopleTools 8.52

Traditionally, a PS_HOME contained both PeopleTools and Application related files. This meant that you had to maintain four different PS_HOME folders for each of you DEV, TST, QA and PROD environments. For customers that use more than one PeopleSoft application (and there are many many), the number of PS_HOMEs multiply and get un-manageable at some point in time.

PeopleTools 8.52 introduces PS_APP_HOME which co-exists with a PS_HOME, ofcourse along with the PS_CFG_HOME. That sounds like a lot of HOMEs 😉 What does each of these contain? Simply put, PS_HOME – contains all that your PeopleTools CDs offer, while PS_APP_HOME contains all that your application and language media packs offer. PS_CFG_HOME contains all your application server and process scheduler domain configuration fules.

I personally think that the separation offered by PS_HOME and PS_APP_HOME reduces a lot of administration overhead. And a lot of space too. The separation also tremendously streamlines the application of peopletools patches and promises a shorter time-to-production.

Just that you need to ensure you set PS_APP_HOME to the appropriate environment (DEV/QA etc) before invoking PSADMIN. You would also need to enlist both PS_HOME and PS_APP_HOME in your process scheduler for SQR files, because DDDAUDIT would come from PS_HOME and PER010 from you HR PS_APP_HOME.

Finally, PS_APP_HOME is an optional feature. You could still continue to use PS_HOMEs the traditional way

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