Fugo Consulting

Fugo is a consulting and technology firm with a core focus on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. All our consultants have been part of multi-million dollar ERP Implementations across the world.

Fugo focuses on enhancing the business profitability of our clients, by offering true-value consulting and fits-like-a-glove solutions around the ERP needs of our clients.

At Fugo, we practice Oracle/PeopleSoft to help large enterprises protect their ERP investments, improve efficiency and ensure profitability. Why not Oracle/PeopleSoft? After all, the founding team started their careers as Oracle/PeopleSoft consultants!

Our Openbravo ERP practice offers a range of ERP solutions for Small & Medium Enterprises. Procuring goods, staying-on-top of inventory and tracking sales volumes have never been easier, with the help of Fugo’s Openbravo ERP offerings.

Fugo’s Management team comprises of accomplished individuals that together bring decades of ERP experience to the table.


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  1. PILOT says:

    How do i contact you for some contract work

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