How PeopleSoft Applications are tested during an Implementation

                         Once the developement is completed the Developer will do unit testing and he/she will be sending out a request to the Migration team to migrate the project to the respective testing environment, say UAT environment.
Generally, UAT will be performed by the Business/ Users / Vendor who are specialized in that particular domain.
Before all the testing starts, the testing team will analyse the product and create a test design for the module/product, based on the Business Requirement Document(BRD) given by the client, and based on the Functional Requirement Specification Document(FRSM), which basically will be created by the Development Team.
Soon after the real testing starts.
Smoke test is generally performed first with few number of test cases in each product to verify the application is ready for the testing. As a practice, testers will test some 10 to 15 % of the total test cases that they have designed. Tester may rise defect if they come across any and the developer will fix it immediately.
Comprehensive testing is a place where the each and every field and functionalities of the application/ product will be tested by the testing team. say 100% of the test cases will be tested by the them. In the course of the testing, if they find any defect they will immediately rise an issue and the development team will fix it in a short span of time.
So, at the end of the comprehensive round the product will come to a shape.
Regression testing is the final round of testing to make sure the product is a fool-proof, This testing will always be done in the code freeze environment, the developer will have no access to the environment in the mean time. Testing team will take some 60% of the test cases that they have tested in the comprehensive round.
In worst case, if the testing team come across any defect then they will rise it with a show stopper and issues will be addressed with a high priority. Now regression will be done to make sure that the code change doesn’t have any impact.
Some critical test cases will be taken for final sanity round and then the product will be given to user for UAT signoff and testing.