ERP Education Series – The Beginning

When wealth is shared it is divided, when knowledge is shared it is multiplied

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a much bandied phrase with different connotations for different people. Some think it to be this collosal titan which needs to be tamed as an imperative for doing business, while others think it is an IT initiative where they are mere participants while still some others confuse it be nothing more than glorified accounting. As in most things in life the truth lies somewhere in between.

With so much confusion and cloudiness (I refer to the English word here rather than the other over-hyped and over-marketed monster) prevelant, we at Fugo thought it was best if we help people new to ERP recognize its true power and potential. Towards this desire to spread the knowledge we have started this “ERP Education Series“ on our blog where we will be covering a variety of topics on ERP in general and some on our product(s).

The topics we hope to cover in this series are:

  • ERP Education Series – The Beginning (this post)
  • ERP Education Series – ERP Basics
  • ERP Education Series – How will an ERP help me
  • ERP Education Series – How to select the right ERP
  • ERP Education Series – Steps to consider during implementation

Please note that the list of topics is quite dynamic and will change based on your feedback.

Obviously we are touching just the tip of the iceberg. But we do hope this series will help you in your quest. Do pipe in with your thoughts and comments on this series and in general.

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